Second star to the right, and straight on til morning! Directions to the happiest place in the world, Never Never Land. A place Peter Pan called home, and a place that I got to visit almost every day for months and months with Drayton Entertainment. A place I will miss? Of course. It’s hard to really describe, the bittersweet knot in your tummy that occurs when the curtain closes on your final performance in a show that you fall in love with. Don’t get me wrong, the bruises and scars on my body from playing this incredibly physically demanding role spoke from themselves, but I wouldn’t trade a second of it. 


I have story after story after story that I could tell about this run of Peter Pan the Pantomime. Some painfull, some hilarious, some too embarrassing to admit, but all priceless that’s for sure. One that takes the cake, is the time I broke my nose seconds before my power ballad that closes Act 1. That last sentence pretty much sums it up too. It broke, it bled, I sang, I ran off stage and prepared for act 2. It would have been the #1 most powerful and “badass” moments of my life, if it hadn’t been for the music cacking out at the end of the song and the only sound left to close the act was the awkward squeek of the curtain closing on me. Live theatre at it’s best. Or the time my kneecap dislocated on stage, oh, and the time I shredded my hands on a freshly cut pipe hanging in the air. Did I mention I accidently punched my boss in the nose? Or he nosed my punch, or, we nose fisted.. or… something like that. He evened the score with a sensible hook to the arm so it doesn’t keep me up at night.  Funny enough, I don’t look back on a second of it with regret. It was the highlight of my career- so far! It will be hard to top this one, but we will start with another Disney favorite of mine. Tarzan the Musical. I’ll be playing a girl this time, Jane Porter, the young, intelligent and adventurous love interest to the strong, apeman TARZAN. If you’re around Grande Prairie come October 10th-25th, I hope to see you there! After that, well, I don’t know yet for sure…but when I do know well enough to announce it, it will probably change again. SO, I’ll try not to worry about it if you don’t. 

That’s it for now folks,  think happy things and your heart will fly on wings!

AJ Bridel  xo

© Aj Bridel 2013